Paw Angels Inc

Saving One Life at a Time 


As a Paw Angels foster I agree to the following guidelines and I further state the information I

provided on my application is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that falsifying my

application, not notifying Paw Angels, Inc. of changes in my circumstances or not following the below

guidelines will disqualify me from the foster program. I understand that I have absolutely no

ownership of the dog I foster. I understand that the foster dog is the legal property of Paw Angels,

Inc., and I will relinquish the dog at any time Paw Angels request the dog be returned. I understand

that if I decide to adopt my foster I must go through the full adoption process. I understand that I

have no right and cannot re-foster, sell or trade the dog. I understand that I am taking a foster dog

into my home at my own risk. Paw Angels is not responsible for damages to property or medical cost

if personal dogs are injured.


*Fosters are required to crate a new foster dog for the first 12hrs unless on leash. This allows the foster

decompression time and safety for the foster and personal dogs.

*Introductions to personal dogs must be done on a leash for the first 2 interactions and only then let off leash if

dogs get along well.

*Fosters need to understand any medications a foster needs and be able to administer.

*I will notify Paw Angels, Inc. to update how my foster is settling in and any problems that arise. I will give Paw

Angels 24hrs notice if a problem arises that I cannot keep my foster.

*If the foster or my personal dog become a safety issue, Paw Angels needs to immediately be notified and the

dog crated until Paw Angels can pick up the dog.

*Fosters are not allowed to adopt out fosters. If you hear of someone interested in your foster contact Paw

Angels, Inc.

*You agree to provide nutritious food and clean water and proper and clean bedding at all times. Paw Angels,

Inc. will provide these items unless the foster wants to donate these items.

*Fosters agree to safely contain their foster dog at all times. Dog should not be allowed outside unsupervised

unless in an approved fenced in yard that has been checked by Paw Angels, Inc. Fosters will never allow a dog

to roam free nor stay with anyone not approved by Paw Angels. Fosters agree not to chain a dog outside.

*If the weather outside reaches 40 degrees or below, fosters shall make arrangements to house the dog indoors

to ensure warmth and protection.

I indemnify and hold Paw Angels, Inc., free and harmless from all liability arising out of any and all claims,

demands, losses, damages, action, judgement of every kind and description which may occur to or be suffered

by me, members of my household, my own animals or any third parties by reason of activities arising out of this

agreement. I release Paw Angels, Inc. from responsibility for any diseases that may be contracted by my

resident animal(s) from the foster animal.